Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summertime with Grandma

Blueberry picking is one of our favorite things

 We went corn picking one day.  Did you know you can eat corn raw???  Well, this is an organic farm, and I think it has to be "young corn" whatever that means.  But, it is really good.

 I love that I caught this moment

 Kids Bowl Free summer program.  We should take more advantage, but we usually only make it out one time.

 This makes me miss summer and hanging out with these kiddos

 Blueberry crisp...probably our all time favorite dessert
 We came back after 3 weeks in Brussels and had a ton of weeds.  I wasn't very careful and ended up with poison ivy all over my arms and legs.  It was a miserable 3 weeks of recovery!!
 Our township pool was a big hit this summer.
 Lily was always quick to be done though
 The dab
A successful lemonade stand!

Enjoying the "suite" with Daddy's work at the Trenton Thunder baseball game

 and some sweet treats from Grandma

 Went to see Finding Dori

 Fireworks at Washington Crossing park.  Glad we got a second chance (due to the first show being rained out)
 LILY.  She picked it from our yard.
Tea party anyone?
 Grandma came in town and we had a fun time participating in our own olympics

The competition was fierce.  They all won some medals
 S'mores off the olympic torch
Grandma took the kids to Build-a-Bear, they all loved it!

Beach days

He spent all day on this.  No exaggeration

 She was timid about the waves at first...
 But it didn't take long

 We did this pirate ship adventure a couple of years ago and the kids had been begging to come back and do it again

We found the treasure and rescued the mermaid
 Pioneer day activity
 One last treat before saying goodbye.  We had a great time with Grandma in town!

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